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Ultra Douche & Enema

Ultra Douche / Enema
Ultra Douche / Enema
Ultra Douche / Enema   Ultra Douche / Enema   Ultra Douche / Enema   Ultra Douche / Enema   
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  • Ultra Douche and Enema
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Holds 8 ounces of liquid
  • Don't want to buy an enema syringe at a store? Purchase the Ultra Douche and Enema at, and we'll ship it to your door in plain, unmarked packaging.

    If you're the type of person who wants to put something sleek, comfortable and modern in your butt, you've come to the right place. The Ultra Douche and Enema allows you extreme comfort (well, as comfortable as these things can be) and ease when cleaning out your rectum.

    The Ultra Douche is made of a durable material that is pretty easy to squeeze. The nozzle pops on and off and features 5 fountain holes. The nozzle is four inches long and about 5/8 inch in diameter. The bulb holds about 8 ounces of liquid.

    The Ultra Douche and Enema disassembles for easy cleaning, which is good, because you KNOW you wanna wash this thing thoroughly. Use it with any type of personal lubricant.

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