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The Best Nose Hair Trimmer - The Remington Rotary Nose Hair Trimmer
Trojan Naturalamb - Lambskin Condoms
Double Layer Privacy - The Most Private Way To Order Anything

The World's Most Embarrassing ItemsPopular embarrassing products
Anal Bleaching Cream
The Greatest Large Vibrator - Silky, Quiet & Strong
The Rock Box - An Orgasm Machine - Our Most Powerful Vibrator
The Perfect Shaver for Shaving Your Balls
At a salon: $100.00
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List: $46.99
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List: $149.99
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List: $19.99
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The Magic Stick - Vaginal Tightener
The Cleancut Pubic Shaver w/Free Gift
Wet Fun Flavors - Seductive Strawberry - Our Favorite Edible Lube
Zip Wax - Hair Remover - 7 oz. Block - For Legs, Arms, Anywhere
List: $21.99
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List: $74.99
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List: $14.99
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List: $19.99
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Stop Spanking It Raw - Use This Lube
I Ejaculate Prematurely. What Can I Do To Last Longer?
I Have No Idea What Vibrator to Buy. What Do You Suggest?
Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne - Really Works!
List: $13.99
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List: $14.99
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$9.99 is the World's Most Private Store brought to you by PriveCo, the world's most private company. Since 1998 we have privately delivered over 750,000 packages. Keeping your secrets is our business and we take it very seriously.

PriveCo operates a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Troy, Michigan. Everything we do is done in our warehouse—packing, shipping, billing, photography, video and customer service. We do this to keep your order as private as possible. Each and every package that leaves our warehouse gets the ultimate in privacy treatment: we secure each package with special, tamper-proof tape. This tape cannot be pried off and then resealed; it has to be cut open. This may seem like a pain, but when it comes to privacy, we don’t take any chances. This level of discretion is something we give to every customer.

Shopping with us is easy. Soon after you place your order you’ll receive a plain brown box in the mail. The box won’t say much. It will merely have the return address “PriveCo Inc.” This helps keep your shipment discreet. We hope you will choose to shop with, The World's Most Private Store.