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Sex Rocks Candy For Oral Sex

Sex Rocks - Oral Sex Candy
Sex Rocks - Oral Sex Candy
Sex Rocks - Oral Sex Candy   
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  • Sex Rocks
  • Menthol candy for oral sex
  • Use on him or her
  • Give interesting blow jobs with the flavored Sex Rocks. Get this sex aid from, where we never sell or share your personal information or add you to lists.

    Hi! I'm here to tell you about an oral sex trick men love. You've heard about using ice cubes; you've heard to use your hand and your mouth at the same time. But this trick really takes the cake: Put rocks in your mouth and then give him a blow job.

    Wait, you don't think that sounds erotic? Rocks. I mean, you can wash them first. Obviously. The rocks should be small and have a generally circular shape. Okay, I'll make this easy for you: Just buy the Sex Rocks here. That way you'll have all the rocks you need for a mind-blowing, hopefully not too injurious, blow job.

    The Sex Rocks are supposed to be candy, but I just tasted them and I'm pretty sure actual rocks would taste better. They taste like cough drops. They might BE cough drops. They seem oddly scratchy for something you'd stick in your mouth along with another human being's flesh. They do have a peppermint, menthol vibe and that probably adds some coolness to oral sex.

    You get a few Sex Rocks in each pack. Enough to injure/pleasure several penises.

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