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Press Release: Would You Buy A Vibrator From A Superhero? June 26th, 2008

Troy, MI—Today marks the relaunch of online store ShopInPrivate will still have the best selection of items you would be embarrassed to purchase in a drugstore. The site will still be easy-to-use and will still offer the world's most private way to shop.

So what’s changed at The operation is now being run by a superhero, Mister Private.

“I pledge to do all in my power to protect your privacy,” Mister Private boomed, his cape flapping in the wind. “Batman and Superman save one person each day. But me? Mister Private defends the privacy of hundreds of honest citizens like you.”

After hearing the calls of many concerned folks, Mister Private decided to step in. They were worried about running into their friends at the pharmacy and they didn’t know who to turn to. “You didn’t know what you were up against!” exclaimed Mister Private. “I will defend you in the face of nosy neighbors, chatty mailmen and curious customers at your local drugstore.”

ShopInPrivate offers unparalleled privacy before, during and after your purchase. When you visit, your order is rushed to a super-safe encryption server where Mister Private keeps it protected from any intruders.

Mister Private’s low prices appeal to all customers and keep them safe from his evil nemesis Big Business.

“Big Business called me up and asked if I was interested in selling my customer list. I responded by mailing him some personal lubricant so that he could insert his phone receiver where it belonged,” Mister Private quipped.

After your order is packaged, Mister Private discreetly ships your items, flying to all locations on Earth. He won’t send you any unsolicited letters or e-mails or call you at home. And citizens know they can reach him any time, day or night at

Also new on will be a series of informational pages penned by Mister Private, himself. Curious about how to cure constipation? Wondering about bad breath? Want to know what to look for in a vibrator?

“Well…Mrs. Private helped me out with that last one,” Mister Private admitted.

Although Mister Private now carries the weight of a large retail operation on his back, and teaches valuable life lessons, he remains stoic and charming.

“It’s all in a day’s work,” Mister Private said with a wink. “Even in the face of the digital era, I will lead millions of folks to safety… and privacy.”

Just remember, humble citizens—no matter the item you’re looking for, your secret’s safe with Mister Private and
Shop In Private
Luna Balls - Vaginal Exercise Balls
  • Vaginal exercise balls
  • Tones pelvic floor muscles
  • Stronger muscles lead to more powerful orgasms

    List: $59.99
    Shop In Private:

  • Affordable Anal Bleaching Cream
    • Anal bleaching is the latest cosmetic trend
    • Look younger, everywhere.
    • Less expensive and less embarrassing than visiting a salon.

    Affordable Anal Bleaching Cream SF-YF122
    At a salon: $100.00
    Shop In Private:

    Extra Strength Rogaine Foam - Quad Pack
    • Clinically proven to help regrow hair
    • Contains 5% Minoxidil, the highest concentration available
    • 4 month supply included
    • Used to regrow hair on the top of the scalp

    Extra Strength Rogaine Foam - Quad Pack R-CLUB4
    List: $74.99
    Shop In Private:

    Double Layer Privacy - Nosy Neighbors Will Never Know
    Double Layer Privacy adds a second layer of security to your shipment, making it harder for nosy neighbors, roommates or family to learn the secret to your happiness. This level of privacy isn't available anywhere else.

    Double Layer Privacy - Nosy Neighbors Will Never Know Z-PRIVACY
    List: $1.99
    Shop In Private:

    Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray - Makes You Last Longer
  • Stud 100 delays ejaculation
  • Stud 100 uses Lidocaine, a safe local anesthetic
  • Apply Stud 100 just 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse

    Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray - Makes You Last Longer M6792B
    List: $14.99
    Shop In Private:

  • Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer
    • A nose and ear hair trimmer
    • Easy and comfortable to use
    • Our best nose hair trimmer

    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer H-NE3
    List: $17.95
    Shop In Private:

    The Cleancut Pubic Shaver w/Free Gift
  • Our most popular electric shaver
  • Made especially to shave your sensitive pubic area
  • Free gift (worth $12.95) with purchase

    The Cleancut Pubic Shaver w/Free Gift H-COMBO
    List: $74.99
    Shop In Private:

  • Free Vibrator With Your Order
  • A free gift
  • A Thank You from
  • Free gift varies

    Free Vibrator With Your Order 1-FREE-VIBE
    List: $9.99
    Shop In Private:
    $0.00, 2 for $19.98

  • Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne - Really Works!
  • A cologne that enhances your sexual appeal
  • Has a clean citrus scent
  • Stimulates both men and women

    Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne - Really Works! S12875B
    List: $14.99
    Shop In Private:

  • Zip Wax - Hair Remover - 7 oz. Block - For Legs, Arms, Anywhere
  • A Hard Hair Removal Wax
  • Hard to Find
  • We keep plenty of zip wax on hand!

    Zip Wax - Hair Remover - 7 oz. Block - For Legs, Arms, Anywhere H130-5747
    List: $19.99
    Shop In Private: