Penis Extenders and Strap-Ons

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Penis Extenders and Strap-Ons

  • Penis extensions, penis extenders and strap-ons
  • Get extra length and width

    Try these products to give her more pleasure with a larger dong. You can try a penis extender or strap-on, or a tool like a penis pump.
  • I'd Like to Pleasure Her With a Bigger Penis. What is Available?
    Whether you feel like you have a small penis, or you would just like to see your lady writhe in pleasure with the power of a larger cock, look no further. We sell a variety of items that attach to your penis to give you more length and girth, and we also sell penis pumps and penis extenders that give your natural-born penis a little more gusto. If you have trouble getting erections, we also have a couple of products for that. If none of these items fit your fancy, try buying a large vibrator and using it on her.

    Adding Length and Width with a Penis Extension

    Penis extensions are soft and stretchy. They slip on over your penis and make it bigger. Most of these extensions will add both length and width. They are meant to be worn on your hard or semi-erect penis. Here are a couple of great choices.

    • The Fat Boy Penis Extension - The Fat Boy Penis Extension is a penis extension that not only adds girth and length to the penis, but has a soft, nubbed texture that also increases sensation for him. That way, both partners can feel pleasure, even if he is having erectile difficulty.

    • The Perfect Extension - We like this penis extension because it is soft and textured, so she'll love the way it feels. This super-stretchy sleeve fits over most penises and will help you last longer. It adds three inches of length to your penis, to enhance lovemaking for both of you.

    Put On A Whole New Penis: Hollow Strap-Ons

    Hollow Strap-Ons are good for men who are having trouble getting and maintaining erections. They allow you to pleasure your partner with the motions of traditional penis-in-vagina sex. They are also good for men who cum too fast, or who are experimenting with just letting her feel all the pleasure.

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