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Mister Private, the privacy superhero Mister Private's privacy pledge

I pledge to do all that's in my power to protect your privacy. I will defend you in the face of nosy neighbors, chatty mailmen and leering customers at your local drugstore. I will ensure that you, humble citizen, can place an order on and it will arrive at your door in a discreet and professional manner.
I pledge to never share your information. After your order arrives, I will protect your personal information from mailing lists, call centers, e-mail spammers and credit card hackers. My company does not participate in bothering people. You shouldn't have to put up with that!
I pledge to ship your package discreetly. I will only use your information to print the address label on your package. It is an address label that is beautiful in its simplicity. It includes only the address you give us and our corporate name “PriveCo”.
I pledge to use your email only when requested. If you wish to receive updates on your order, you'll have to check a box on the order form. If you do, we will send you a maximum of three updates (order placed, order shipped, and a note if there was a problem with your order). If you do not wish to receive updates on your order, do not click the box. Whether you choose to receive these emails or not, there will be no more emails after your order is complete.
I pledge to devote my entire existence to your privacy. PriveCo is the company that I work for and it exists only to protect your privacy. Together, we make up the World's Most Private Company. We hold the personal information of over 400,000 people in complete secrecy and we hope that you will let us defend your privacy as well.
I pledge to save you embarrassment by answering personal questions. Besides defending the privacy of every citizen that orders at, I also reach out to readers worldwide. I do this by providing pages of information about personal issues. These pages answer embarrassing questions, deal with personal problems, or provide valuable advice that isn't available elsewhere.
Your secret will be safe with Mister Private and, the The World's Most Private Store.

That is my pledge. I am Mister Private, the superhero of
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