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Journey  Greatest Hits
Duel Showerhead
Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary Edition DVD
The Snuggie
Welcome to Shop In Private's Guilty Pleasures Collection, where you will find anything and everything that caters to your lowbrow and embarrassing tastes. Everyone has guilty pleasures - things you secretly love but rarely admit to liking. Do you:
  • Love crass or cheesy TV shows that you could never discuss at the water cooler?
  • Hide your well-worn Journey CD in the glove box before you pick-up a friend?
  • Lust after the strong, strapping men in romance novels?
  • Wrap yourself in the comfort of wearable blankets while devouring numerous chocolate bars?
  • Spend exorbitant amounts of money on skin creams or massages?
  • Sneak cigarettes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might have a guilty pleasure. Don't worry, won't tell anyone. After all, is the world's most private store.
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The Flat-D Fart Filter - Fart without Harming Others
Melt - Chocolate Body Frosting - Our Favorite
List: $19.99
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List: $19.99
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