Dealing with Genital Warts

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Dealing with Genital Warts

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  • What are genital warts?
  • How are they caused?
  • How can I treat genital warts?
  • What to do About Genital Warts?
    Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted disease. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Genital warts are found on the moist tissues of the genital area and look like small, flesh-colored or gray bumps or have a cauliflower appearance. They can be so tiny that you cannot see them or they can multiply into clusters.

    HPV is caused by sexual contact with an infected person and can develop within three months of it. You can also get these warts in your throat if you perform oral sex on an affected person. Some symptoms of genital warts, aside from seeing them, are itching or discomfort and bleeding with intercourse; however, sometimes you will not have any symptoms and the warts will be too small to see. Also, sometimes you will just have the HPV virus, but no warts. You should always see a doctor if you fear you have an STD. HPV is associated with cervical cancer, so genital warts can lead to serious complications.

    The doctor will spray an acetic acid solution to your genitals, which will turn any warts white, so they are readily visible. If youíre a woman, the doctor will perform a Pap smear to test the area. To treat the warts, the doctor may prescribe a cream or ointment. He will explain how you use it. For more serious cases, the doctor may use liquid nitrogen to freeze off the wart. It isnít very painful and does require multiple treatments. The doctor might also suggest minor surgery or laser surgery. If you have an especially bad case of warts, the doctor may propose immunotherapy, Bleomycin injections or a retinoid cream. Because a virus causes them, HPV doesn't always go away—although you can treat the visible warts.

    The FDA recently approved a vaccine called Gardasil to protect citizens against certain strains of HPV. It is administered in three doses and Mister Private highly recommends it if you havenít already contracted HPV. STDs must be stopped before they spread!

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