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Slippers That Tone Your Butt

Slippers That Claim To Tone Your Butt
Slippers That Claim To Tone Your Butt
Slippers That Claim To Tone Your Butt   Slippers That Claim To Tone Your Butt   Slippers That Claim To Tone Your Butt   
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  • Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers
  • One Size Fits All
  • Keep heels off floor and walk around to tone
  • The Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers are so ridiculous we kind of love them. Get this unique set of toning slippers at, where you can shop discreetly.

    Thinking about investing in an expensive pair of butt toning sneakers? Don't; they have been proven not to work. If you're going to invest in useless shoes that claim to tone your butt and thighs, why not spend way less? Try the Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers instead. You'll spend less, and feel just as stupid for believing advertising hype again. The trade-off is that you'll be HIGHLY uncomfortable in the Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers, whereas those butt shaping shoes look kind of comfy.

    The Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers are delightfully ridiculous. They'll fit anyone because they fit no one. Yes, that's right. These slippers are only four inches long, so your heels hang off the back. Keeping your heels up causes you to squeeze your leg muscles, which is a workout in itself, right? Even better, the Butt & Thigh Toning Slippers have individual toe slots where each of your toes fit in. This helps you hang onto these slippers for dear life, which is also a workout.

    Um, aren't slippers supposed to be comfortable? These really challenge everything I know about slippers and butt toning.

    After a quick prance around the office in these bad boys, I:

    1. almost wiped out twice;
    2. got told I looked like a prancing fool;
    3. realized I was holding my arms out to the sides as if I were on a balance beam and speaking only in whispers;
    4. and felt neither my butt or thigh muscles engaging, but felt a rather sharp pain in each shin. Shin toning! Awesome, I have the fattest shins.

    All in all, I had a good time in these shoes, but that's about it. If you wear them 30 minutes a day, who knows? You might tone some muscles, or you might just break a toe.

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