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Body Frosting Taste Test

Our staff suffered through the world's first Body Frosting Taste Test so that you don't have to. Below, read about the different body frostings we offer and which ones we like best.

  • Body Frosting Taste Test
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    Body Frosting Taste Test

    There are a number of chocolate body frostings and chocolate body paints on the market. We currently sell some of them and although they seem like great quality products, we couldn't help wondering however, if their taste lived up to their packaging. It was time to taste test them. We aren't experts in body frosting, but we do know enough and have enough taste buds among our staff to do the work. Besides, I don't think there are any experts in body frosting taste testing.

    In 1999 we conducted the first ever chocolate body frosting taste test and now 11 years later we are repeating the process. This time we reviewed six different chocolate body products. They were judged on taste, consistency, and value. The results are below. But first, let's meet the contenders:

    Product #1: Melt Chocolate Body Fondue for Couples: Melt is nicely packaged and comes in a fairly large jar. It is the latest addition to our chocolate products and we wanted to taste it right away. Melt is packaged nicely, with a pink brush that is slightly nicer than the competition. It is priced at $17.99, which is on the high end of competitive.

    Product #2 - Kama Sutra Body Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - Single Size - Kama Sutra has been making sensual products for decades and the single size of their body chocolate is one of their latest additions. We were excited to try it side-by-side with the other body chocolates.

    Product #3 - Kama Sutra Body Chocolate Gift Set - Kama Sutra also makes this three flavor gift set. It contains one jar of milk chocolate, one jar of dark chocolate, and one jar of white chocolate. These three jars are packaged nicely and make an excellent gift.

    Product #4: Chocolate Body Drops by Lover's Choice - Discontinued. Initially we thought these body drops would be something akin to chocolate body sauce, but we learned that they are more like an edible warming lubricant. Read below to see what we though of the taste. I'll give you a hint, one flavor was describe to taste like "smoked meat" or "asparagus".

    Product #5: The Hot Chocolate Game - The Hot Chocolate Game is different than the other products here in that it combines an adult game with chocolate body sauces. We still felt that it would be a good idea to taste the body sauces to see if we liked them. There are two sauces in the game, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate.

    Product #6: Chocolate Pasties - These milk chocolate pasties are certainly a unique item. Unfortunately (or not, considering the taste), they have been discontinued. For those that don't know what a Pasty is, it is a stick-on nipple cover, like the ones that strippers sometimes wear. These pasties are molded from milk chocolate and stick onto your nipples using...Peanut Butter. We tasted them to see if they were just a gag-gift or were something you could really enjoy.

    New Products: We recently added two new products that are not on this taste test. We tried Kama Sutra Caramel Body Paint and Kama Sutra Dark Chocolate Raspberry Body Paint in our taste tests. Both the Caramel and Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavors did well. The Caramel is extremely decadent and recommended for anyone who likes caramel, while the dark chocolate raspberry is very rich. Some testers found the Dark Chocolate Raspberry to have too intense an aftertaste, but many liked it.

    How the test worked:

    Each product was reviewed by 4 individuals. The individuals were interviewed after they sampled each product. The testing was not blind (in other words the test subjects were allowed to see the packaging and to know which product they were testing). Unfortunately we could not agree on whether to apply the products to a nude male subject or a nude female subject so the body frostings were testing using sexual positions toothpicks from

    chocolate body paint

    Here are some comments in table form.



    Kama Sutra - Single

    Kama Sutra 3 Pack

    Chocolate Drop

    Hot Chocolate Game

    Chocolate Pasties


    My favorite. I like the dark chocolate taste.

    Good, but a little sweet. Tastes like Kahlua a little bit.

    The dark chocolate is better than the milk chocolate in the single pack. The white chocolate just tastes like vanilla. I like Melt beter, but this is second place.

    The chocolate tastes bad, like chocolate flavored lube. The White chocolate is awful. It tastes like smoked meat.

    The portions are so small. The dark chocolate is a little worse than Hershey's syrup. The white chocolate tastes vanilla flavored.

    These are good. They taste like milk chocolates and peanut butter. That is what they seem to be.


    This is good and dark. I'm not sure it tastes like candy, but if you like chocolate liqueur you will love this.

    This was good for me. I'm cheap, so if it were my money, I might buy this one.

    I actually liked this gift set. The gift box makes sense to me and the flavors weren't too bad. I'd consider buying this one for a present.

    Terrible. Maria thought the white chocolate tasted like smoked meat. I thought it tasted like asparagus. Yuck!

    Boy were these two chocolate things small. They had to be less than 1/3 of an ounce.

    I like these they are really made from chocolate and peanut butter, but for 10 bucks I want more than 2 pasties and a lunch packet of peanut butter.


    I like my chocolate sweeter, but this was the best dark chocolate one.

    My favorite. I like milk chocolate.

    I didn't care for the dark chocolate and the white chocolate was a little too sweet for me.

    I didn't like these at all. Sticky, messy, and gross.

    This is more of an adult game than it is chocolate body paint.

    I love peanut butter and chocolate, so I loved these. I wanted to test them on some real breasts but Tom said it wasn't in the budget.


    My favorite. I like dark chocolate best and this used natural ingredients.

    This was OK, but not very chocolatey.

    More of the same. Not chocolatey enough. The white chocolate tastes like vanilla.

    Gross, gross. Unrecognizable.

    I thought these tasted good, they were just small.

    These seemed fun. The peanut butter package was just like in a cafeteria.


    Our Favorite

    The Budget Choice

    Makes a Good Gift.

    To be avoided...

    A mediocre game.

    Silly, but fun.


    Very Good







    Very Good

    Very Good


    Very Good




    Very Good

    Very Good

    Very Good





    There really is a difference between these products. Some are obviously the result of careful research into a good chocolate flavor. Others appear to be novelty products that were rushed to market and are being sold in the hopes that no one ever reviews or tastes them.


    Best Hands Down : You'll love Melt Chocolate Body Frosting. We're having trouble not eating this one straight from the jar.

    Casual Users or Those On A Budget : Pick Up The Single Pack of Kama Sutra Body Chocolate. It will be fun to use once or twice and won't break you budget.

    For Real Chocoholics: Grab the Kama Sutra Dark Chocolate Raspberry Body Paint. This product had the darkest chocolate taste and was well packaged. Our female testers preferred it most.

    For A Good Gift: We like the beautifully packaged (and tasty, much like Hershey's Syrup) Poeme Body Chocolate.

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