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The Sugar Sak - Antibacterial Sex Toy Storage

An Antibacterial Sex Toy Storage Bag
An Antibacterial Sex Toy Storage Bag
An Antibacterial Sex Toy Storage Bag   An Antibacterial Sex Toy Storage Bag   
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  • The Sugar Sak
  • Holds your sex toys
  • Keeps your sex toys clean
  • The Sugar Sak Sex Toy Storage back is a great way to keep your vibrators clean and bacteria-free. Get this sack at, where we only ship in plain brown paper boxes.

    A lot of people are concerned with how to wash and store their sex toys. Washing your sex toys is pretty simple: it is perfectly fine to use an antibacterial soap on almost all toys. They also make specialized sex toy cleaners that allow you to spray and wipe your toys clean.

    Storing your sex toys is fairly uncomplicated as well. Make sure to remove the batteries from any toy that uses them—if left unattended for too long, the batteries will corrode and may break your sex toy. Store your sex toys in a cool, dry place. You'll want to use a lint-free bag, like the Sugar Sak, to keep your toys clean and fuzz-free.

    We think the Sugar Sak is really cool because it keeps your sex toys extra clean. I generally have to clean my silicone toys twice: once after use, and then again, right before I use them, because they have picked up all sorts of weird dust and hair. Yuck! The Sugar Sak protects your toys from dirt, dust, and even yeast and other harmful bacteria. That way you save time and have the confidence that your vibrators are always clean when you reach for them.

    The Sugar Sak is 13 inches long and seven inches wide. It has a drawstring top. It's good for protecting your privacy because it's very discreet and plain.

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