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Easy Zit Popper

EZ Zit Popper
EZ Zit Popper
EZ Zit Popper   EZ Zit Popper   EZ Zit Popper   EZ Zit Popper   
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The EZ Zit Popper pops zits hygienically. Buy it from, where we bring you unique products in total privacy.
  • EZ Zit Popper
  • Hygienically removes blackheads
  • Pops zits and unclogs pores

  • Got acne? Get rid of embarrassing whiteheads with the EZ Zit Popper. This flexible massager fits on your finger and uses tiny nubs to ease dirt and oil from your pores. Use the EZ Zit Popper to squeeze, shove, push and pull acne-causing bacteria from the depths of your dermis.

    The EZ Zit Popper pops zits without spreading bacteria (using your dirty fingers to pop zits just causes more pimples). Use the Zit Popper alone in your bathroom, with your face two inches from the mirror, and watch the blackheads and sebum shoot from your pores. It's really disgusting, yet pretty fun. AND you'll end up with clearer skin.

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