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The Willaboo Inflatable Masturbator For Men

Sex for 4 Dollars Each Time
Sex for 4 Dollars Each Time
Sex for 4 Dollars Each Time   Sex for 4 Dollars Each Time   
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  • Willaboo Disposable Sex Toys
  • Disposable pocket pussies
  • 5 per package, with lube
  • The Willaboo Disposable Strokers are for men who really like plastic. Get the WIllaboos from and we'll never divulge any of your personal details with anyone.

    I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I really, really liked popping those little packing bubbles that come inside packages. Bubble wrap! There's something about squeezing those little plastic bubbles that's so satisfying. As much as I loved these little bits of plastic wrap, I promise you that I never wanted to have sex with them.

    Until now.

    The Willaboo Stroker is a men's stroker sex toy that is basically made of packaging material. It's not quite bubble wrap, but it's much like the large plastic packing bubbles that pad boxes. I know, I know ... I'll stop talking so dirty now.

    The Willaboo is composed of three plastic panels. You use the included straw to blow up the three panels, which just takes a minute. Squeeze some lube into the Willaboo and get humping.

    Does the Willaboo actually feel good? Well, it's tight. Tight and wet, once you add the personal lubricant. You're a man; isn't that enough for you?

    On the packaging, they show a girl blowing up your disposable masturbation device. Please allow us to break it to you: THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    5 disposable sex toys.

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