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Why buy from We completely protect your privacy in every regard. We never email you (unless you ask us to) and we never sell your information.

  • Why ShopInPrivate?
  • It's easy, convenient and completely private
  • We're familiar with our products and ship straight from our facility
  • Why You Should Choose to ShopInPrivate

    Here is a great list of reasons. offers you unparalleled privacy before, during, and after your purchase.

    • Before you buy, you can browse in a completely safe, clean, and private environment. Frankly, this isn't available elsewhere. No one wants to stand in the pharmacy aisle while reading the preparation-h package. Here at you can take your time.
    • No one wants to tell others their personal information. This is true at a pharmacy, doctor's office, anywhere. Here at we try to answer your most personal questions by providing the information you need. You can find information about hemorrhoids, PMS, intestinal gas, pubic crabs and all sorts of other private topics.
    • During your purchase, we use a 128 bit secure commerce server to keep your purchase information private. After your purchase your information is completely safe. Not only do we not give away, sell, or rent your information, but we also don't use it ourselves. You will never receive an unwanted e-mail, letter, package, or solicitation as a result of your decision to ShopInPrivate.

    • Since 1998 we have offered a consistently solid privacy policy. It is working very well for us. 240,000 customers will probably agree. While other companies have changed their privacy standards, we are happily holding steady with ours.

    It is more convenient to ShopInPrivate.

    • Our unique selection of products isn't available at any other single store.
    • Some of our products are very hard to find. Often, people tell us they have driven all over their area looking for something. Finding products here is very easy.
    • Shoppers from outside of Michigan don't have to pay sales tax.
    • We deliver products right to your door or P.O. Box. You can shop from home or the office at any time, without waiting in line.

    We pride ourselves on honest, reliable service.

    • We are a small company and we pride ourselves on our accountability. Every day, we work hard to deliver your products in a timely manner.
    • We do not drop ship. Some companies leave the warehousing and shipping to someone else. When they do, they lose touch with your order. Sometimes they even pretend they aren't responsible for the quality. We handle all of the work ourselves. This is necessary to keep your information private. It also simplifies customer service. We keep a close watch over the quality of your shipment and accept full responsibility for it.
    • Your purchase is completely safe. From the secure ordering process to our excellent record for order fulfillment, you are safe when you ShopInPrivate.
    • We offer honest opinions about the products we sell. Our first such review consisted of edible underwear. After selling approximately 10 pairs, we decided to see what they tasted like. They tasted terrible. We thought our customers deserved to know this. Our honesty has been rewarded. ShopInPrivate customers know they will receive an honest opinion of our products.

    Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the benefits of choosing to ShopInPrivate.

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