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Beacuir Cherry Red Pigment - Makes Your Vulva Pink

This Cream Makes Your Vulva Pinker
This Cream Makes Your Vulva Pinker
This Cream Makes Your Vulva Pinker   This Cream Makes Your Vulva Pinker   This Cream Makes Your Vulva Pinker   


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  • Makes your vaginal lips pinker
  • Made of natural cherry blossom extract
  • Safe for use on sensitive areas
  • This cream is designed to make the lips of your vagina turn pinker. You can buy strange and unique products like this here at discreetly and hassle-free.

    Here at Shop In Private, we’ve sold so many skin bleaching creams over the years that they’ve become old hat to us. Anal bleach, nipple bleach, labia bleach, we’ve seen it all. And we’ve got to say, as the hip trend-setters that we are, that bleaching your sensitive areas is soooo last decade, girl. You know what’s hot right now? Making them pink as fresh cherry blossoms. And that’s exactly what this product supposedly does. It will also “make lips mette and shing,” but we can’t even begin to guess what the heck that means.

    Beacuir’s Cherry red pigment is intended for use on your vaginal lips, one of the most sensitive areas on either the male or female body, so it’s probably safe for use on any other sensitive external areas as well. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that, nor can we tell you we know how exactly to use it. Because, well, we know that the package has details about the “efficacy,” “using method,” and “applicable crowd” written on it, but the company that makes it didn’t even bother to extend their poor translations to anything but the section titles.

    We haven’t personally tested this product, because no one at our office was dissatisfied with the pinkness of their vaginal lips, so we can’t comment to how effectively it works. But please leave a comment and let us know if it works for you in making your lips pinker, mette, or shing.

    1.06 fl oz.

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