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Vita-K for Under Eye Circles

Vita-K for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
Vita-K for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
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  • Vita-K Eye Cream
  • For dark under eye circles
  • Vita-K Eye Cream eliminates the appearance of dark circles. Have ship Vita-K directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.

    You don't know when they first appeared, those dark circles under your eyes, those nebulous rings that haunt your ocular regions. Maybe it was that time Junior caught the Insomniac Flu during his playdate with the really unhygienic paste-eating kid at school. Maybe it was the time your recently divorced librarian friend guilt-tripped you into a 48-hour marathon reading session of Moby Dick. Maybe it started even as early as the pagan goat-sacrificing orgies in college known as "frat parties." But somewhere along the line, you lost enough sleep that it left you permanently looking like a cocaine-addicted barred owl on a five-day binge of vole and eyeliner.

    Actually, it's a myth that fatigue is the primary cause of dark circles under the eyes. More likely causes include:
    -Your daughter recently learned in school that makeup is like "face crayons" and she wanted to draw you a picture of some crescent moons.
    -You've been unconsciously substitute quarterbacking in the NFL in that hour you mysteriously seem to lose each day.
    -One or more of your ancestors was a raccoon.

    Whatever the reason for your dark circles is, Vita-K is clinically proven to help eliminate the appearance of them, as well as blotches and uneven skin tones under your eyes, in just weeks. So next time you go rifling through your redneck neighbors' garbage, they won't shoot at you in hopes of securing you for dinner. They'll just shoot at you for trespassing.

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