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A Douche Bag With A Cunt Nozzle

This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle
This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle
This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle   This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle   This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle   This Douche Bag Has A Douche Nozzle   
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  • A combo douche/enema kit
  • Mounts easily on your wall
  • Comes with anal and vaginal attachments
The Unisex Douche / Enema Set is durable, compact and easy to use. Buy The Unisex Douche / Enema from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

The other day I was reading the internet and I saw someone use the term "Douche nozzle." I believe they were referring to Justin Bieber, but I can't really remember. The term didn't really strike me at first, I just chalked it up as another anonymous insult that we have come to develop now that insults can be lofted into the ether. A few days later though I began to think about this term. Douche nozzle, Douche nozzle, Douche nozzle, wait a second, we sell those. They come in the enema kits. Sure, most people would just call it an enema nozzle (not as keen an insult) but why not use the D word? So, I decided to change the headline of our worst-selling enema kit to include the ever-popular term douche bag as well as douche nozzle.

I didn't change much else, the product is still not the greatest enema kit we sell and is far from the most popular, but now that I'm call it a douche bag with a douche nozzle, I am expecting great sales. Isn't that how this works?

The Unisex Douche / Enema is durable, compact and easy to use. This item is reusable, and can be used for both douches and enemas. The instructions are very clearly written out to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Included in this package is a 2 Litre folding douche bag, 4' threaded tube with a tap, a 5.5" vaginal attachment (the douche nozzle), 2.75" anal attachment (maybe we should start calling each other butt flushers now), and a suction cup wall mount hook to hang the bag on most surfaces.

As with everything you can buy at, we sell this douche bag / douche nozzle kit in the most private manner possible. That's our job. Thanks for reading.

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