Nose Hair Makes You Look Old & Sloppy

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Nose Hair Makes You Look Old & Sloppy

Mister Private knows nose hairs.

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    Citizens, there’s a serious villain lurking in our towns, creeping around corners and waiting to sneak up on you. I’m talking about nose hair. As we grow older, hair starts sprouting up in unexpected locations, but nose hair must be stopped, and here’s how.

    First, put down the scissors and tweezers. You will need to buy a professional nose hair trimmer. I have two favorites: The Remington Wet/Dry Rotary Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. The Remington clipper is quiet and easy-to-use. It can be easily cleaned after use.

    You will need to trim your nose hairs in a well-lit area while looking into a mirror. Remember to clean your nose with warm water before you begin. Put the nose hair trimmer into your nostril and start by clip the lower hairs. Follow the specific instructions in the package, but don’t go overboard! Some nose hair is necessary because it prevents dirt from entering your sinuses. If you trim too many, you'll get some seriously crusty boogers or a headache as a result.

    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer
    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer

    • A nose and ear hair trimmer
    • Easy and comfortable to use
    • Our best nose hair trimmer

    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer H-NE3
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