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Smoothing Thigh Shapers

Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers
Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers
Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers   Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers   Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers   Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers   
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  • Thigh Shapers
  • Wear under clothes
  • Slim and shape thighs
  • Do you like the look of biker shorts, but don't want to commit to wearing the full pair? Have ship these thigh shapers right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.

    The Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers are basically a pair of tights for your thighs. That's right: just your thighs. The Thigh Shapers are 12 inches long, and are made from a tight, stretchy material that smooths and holds in fat. The Calorie-Off Thigh Shapers can give you a smooth, even look under skirts and dress pants.

    While the manufacturer calls these Calorie Off Thigh Shapers, we think it might make a bit more sense if they were called Calorie Move Thigh Shapers. They don't slim as much as they smooth and hide.

    2 Thigh Shapers.

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