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The Famous Rideable Sybian Vibrator

The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous
The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous
The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous   The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous   The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous   The Sybian - The Vibrator Howard Stern is Making Famous   
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  • The Sybian
  • The strongest vibrator
  • Features a saddle-like design so you can ride to orgasm
  • With lube and dildo
  • The world-famous Sybian is in stock and ready to ship. This vibrator features incredible clitoral stimulation and detachable rotating penetration. Have ship the Sybian right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.

    The Sybian was created to bring women to new orgasmic heights. Invented in the early 80s by a dance instructor who understood the importance of the clitoris to women's sexual pleasure, the Sybian features a saddle-like design that allows a woman to ride and grind to orgasm (or multiple orgasms). This vibrator is famous for its female-friendly design.

    The Sybian is more than three times as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand, the gold standard of vibrators. It has multiple speeds that allow it to quake at a low rumble, all the way up to a teeth-chattering, leg-shaking throttle. The Sybian comes with three sleeves—one non-penetrative sleeve that grants perfect clitoral stimulation, and two penetrative sleeves that allow just-your-size penetration and controlled rotation. You can use the Sybian for clitoral stimulation only or combine it with rotating penetration for incredible G-spot orgasms.

    When you order the Sybian, you receive:

  • The Sybian with detachable power cord
  • A promotional video
  • A Small Vaginal Insert
  • A Large Insert
  • A Large RealLike Cover (a dildo attachment that makes the insert thicker and more realistic)
  • A Flattop Cover for clitoral stimulation
  • A "Slipper" (allows for clitoral stimulation no matter what your body shape)
  • A Matching Stool so a lover can take part
  • 5.4 oz ID Lubricant
  • 2 Springs and 4 Plastic Stems (these make your attachments work better)
  • An Instruction Manual
  • A 5 Year Warranty

    The Sybian really is the strongest vibrator out there, and it's incredibly versatile. Even women who prefer a lower vibration level will love it. You can use it at low speed, high speed; with penetration, without; with a lover or by yourself. The included instruction manual encourages the user to try different ways of using the Sybian. If you want to become multi-orgasmic, this is definitely the vibrator to own.

    The Sybian is not the quietest vibrator in the world. It's a hefty piece of machinery. We ran it on thin carpet over a hard floor and it was quite loud. The instruction manual suggests investing in a carpet pad to minimize the noise. Most of the noise comes from the Sybian shaking against the floor. You could use the Sybian on your bed to make it quieter, or purchase a few pads to place it on. Either way, we think the noise is a small price to pay for such a strong, well-engineered vibrator. Order the Sybian from, The World's Most Private Store.

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