How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Almost every woman gets stretch marks at some point in her life. Learn how to prevent and treat stretch marks here.

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    Stretch marks can make you feel like you never want to wear a bikini again. The thing is, almost every woman has stretch marks, even famous women you see in magazines. The difference is they have airbrushing and we don't! Stretch marks occur when you gain weight fast. You might get them during puberty, pregnancy, or when you gain a bunch of weight. You can even get stretch marks when you lose weight. You can get them anywhere: on your breasts, stomach, bum or thighs.

    Some creams claim to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. These creams help fade stretch marks and other skin discolorations. This cream can be used on existing stretch marks. You might even find that a rich lotion helps smooth and blend stretch marks when applied daily. Make sure to massage the lotion in; getting the blood circulating also helps reduce stretch marks.

    To prevent new stretch marks, try a moisturizing product like Bio Oil. Whether you're pregnant or gaining weight, this ultra-rich cream is a customer favorite that really helps to prevent stretch marks. Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream is another popular choice for use during pregnancy. These creams keep the skin supple and elastic, preventing stretch marks. If you find that these treatments don't reduce your stretch marks as much as you'd like, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon. There are laser treatments available that can help. If you can't afford costly laser treatments, just remember that stretch marks are extremely common. 70% of teenage girls and 90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks. You're definitely not alone.

    Bio-Oil - Top Rated for Reducing Scars and Stretch Marks
    Bio-Oil - Top Rated for Reducing Scars and Stretch Marks

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