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Strange Attempts at Birth Control in History

Birth Control Information

Unusual Forms Of Contraceptives

From the beginning of time, people have attempted to control their fertility. Human beings have always been resourceful. Consider the modern day IUD. It is a vast improvement over the lowly apricot pit. Apricot pit, you say? Yes. The pit, inserted into the uterus, provided an irritation to the uterine walls, thus preventing a fertilized egg from attaching and growing. Actually, any small object inserted into the uterus that sets up an irritation is not hospitable to a fertilized egg. We do not recommend you visit your garden to save a few dollars and we also haven't tested it to see if it worked for us.

Another earlier method of contraception was post coital flushing. After intercourse the female would squat, inserts a finger or some cylindrical object into the vagina, swirls it around vigorously and the semen and vaginal fluids. Not only is this gross, it wasn't very effective either.

Before abortions quinine mixed with tea and sipped in a hot bathtub was used to provoke a miscarriage. Needless to say, this didn't work either.

A more modern method (can we call it a Mythe-od) was the use of carbonated soft drinks as a post-coital douche. Carbonation and sugar was said to kill sperm. This was messy, sticky and a waste of good soda pop. And you wonder why grandma and grandpa had so many kids!

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