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Tummy Slimming Patches

Tummy Slimming Patches - 10
Tummy Slimming Patches - 10
Tummy Slimming Patches - 10   
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  • Tummy Slimming Patches
  • Wear overnight
  • Slims with caffeine and evening primrose oil
  • The Tummy Slimming Patches combine natural ingredients to give you a svelte shape. Remember that when you shop at, your privacy is our top priority.

    The Tummy Slimming Patches are small, slimming patches that you wear on your stomach to melt fat and appear skinnier. Here's what they do, straight from the manufacturer: "This weight loss slim item is multifunctional for losing weight and face beauty. Just pay for a little and get slim shape! One patch a day. Stick it on your body before you go to bed, and remove it when getting up. Itís normal if there is a little pain or lower body has the feeling of itching." We included this copy because it's so well-written, and really sums it up.

    Do the slim patches really work? Let's analyze the ingredients. They're made out of carnitine, caffeine, evening primrose oil, field mint and resins. The only ingredient we've heard of applying directly on the skin is caffeine. Some anti-cellulite creams we've seen contain caffeine, but the research on caffeine as a topical seems to show that it doesn't do much to slim or firm.

    The Slim Patches are cheap, and the ingredients seems fairly natural. If you're looking into more expensive methods, the Tummy Slimming Patches might be worth trying first.

    10 patches.

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