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Colt Advanced Shower Shot Shower Enema System

Shower Bidet with Attachments
Shower Bidet with Attachments
Shower Bidet with Attachments   Shower Bidet with Attachments   
Item code: E-SE-6876-10-3


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  • Shower Bidet Enema System
  • With three pleasurable nozzles
  • Attaches to shower, bathtub or sink
  • The Shower Bidet Enema System will attach to your shower, bathtub or sink, to give you a deep clean. Get it at, where we never email you after the sale or add you to any lists.

    If you are looking for a deep clean, this is the enema system for you. This system attaches easily to your faucet—you can choose to use the water from your sink, bathtub or shower. The stream of water coming from your faucet runs through the stainless steel hose, and into whichever nozzle you like best.

    Shower Bidet Systems are great because you can stand or sit in the bathtub, making for easy administering and clean up. This hygienically superior cleaning system comes with a universal adaptor with a permanent directional valve. This allows you to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Advanced Shower Shot.

    Use the three variable spray attachments to get the clean you desire. This set comes with over six feet of non-tarnishing, nickel-free, non-crimping hose.

    Attachment Measurements:
    • 3.25 x .5/8 cm x 1 cm (pinpoint spray attachment)
    • 5.25 x .75/13 cm x 2 cm (tiered multi-use wand)
    • 4.75 x .75/12 cm x 2 cm (standard douche attachment)

    This set is compatible with all Travel Shower Shot components.

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