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Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Set

Shock Therapy - Taze Your Lover
Shock Therapy - Taze Your Lover
Shock Therapy - Taze Your Lover   Shock Therapy - Taze Your Lover   Shock Therapy - Taze Your Lover   
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  • Fetish Shock Therapy Kit
  • ElectroStim for BDSM play
  • Pleasurable to intense shocks
  • The Shock Therapy ElectroStim Set will taze you or your lover into submission. Get this unique sex toy at, where we bill and ship with discretion.

    The Shock Therapy ElectroStim Set is a great kit for lovers who hate each other. Boyfriend's talking back again? Uh oh. Simply strap the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy pads to his sensitive areas and amp the power to the max! He'll be apologizing in no time. Your wife not paying enough attention to you? Use the four adhesive pads on any of her erogenous areas and start tazing. You'll be amazed at how attentive she becomes.

    I guess some people have a fetish for ElctroStim. In that case, you or your lover will get pleasure from the shocks on your nipples, butt, feet or genitals. Actually, when the power is on low, you'll feel a pleasurable, safe stimulation that you may find sexually stimulating. As the power gets higher, it can start to sting. Fetishists use that as punishment during bondage or BDSM play. You can choose to experiment with a sensuous tingle or a throbbing tap. There are over 100 stimulation combinations to choose from.

    The Shock Therapy Kit comes with a digital power control unit, 4 adhesive pads, 1 bi-polar lead wire, an instruction manual and a free mask.

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