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Electro-Stim Massage Gloves

Electro-Stim Gloves - Shock Your Lover
Electro-Stim Gloves - Shock Your Lover
Electro-Stim Gloves - Shock Your Lover   
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  • Electro-Stim Gloves
  • Gloves with an electric current
  • For massage and foreplay
  • The Electro-Stim Gloves allow you to give your lover and electro-massage. Get this weird sex toy from, where we bill and ship discreetly.

    Does your lover complain that you never rub his back? You used to give him so many massages when you were dating, tending to his every whim and need. How come you never make time to do it anymore? It couldn't possibly be all the hours you put in at work, right? Or how about taking care of the kids? Or doing everyone's laundry? Man, I bet you just can't wait to add giving massages to that list!

    The next time your lover asks you for a back rub, don a pair of the Electro-Stim Luv Gloves. The Electro-Stim Gloves are fetish gloves that give little electric shocks to the massage recipient.

    So, really, what we're saying is... they are tasers you wear on your hands.

    Control the amount of shock you'd like to give with the included multi-speed power unit. The unit wires to the gloves, which come with latex insulation gloves that protect your hands from the shocks. That way, your lover is the only one who feels the pain pleasure!

    You can use the Electro-Stim Gloves for massage and foreplay. You can use just a little bit of shock, a sensation that a lot of people actually really like. It reminds them of getting the chills. More electricity brings more shock, and can be closer to a feeling of pinching or pain throughout the body. Some people like this too.

    1 pair of Electro-Stim Gloves.

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