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Charity Party & Donations

Charity Party & Donations
Charity Party & Donations
Charity Party & Donations   

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It's Tom. They guy who owns PriveCo and I wanted to write a note and give you an update of how things are going with our charity thing. They say charity starts at home and giving to people in need is something that I want my kids to learn to do.

Recently, my son turned three. Being one of very few grandkids he gets plenty of gifts. We wanted to have a great birthday party, but knew he didn't need the presents people would bring. Instead, we had a charity party.

Guests were encouraged to bring things that our favorite charity could use. Common ground keeps a wish list on their website and people brought tons of items from it. Art supplies, socks, toiletries, journals, all sorts of stuff. PriveCo donated a check and a bunch of feminine hygiene products as well.

The picture above is of me, my son and two people that work the hotlines at Common Ground. You'll have to pardon our appearance, the photo was taken at the end of a hot, rather sweaty day.

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