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The Sexually Confident Wife - Connecting With Your Husband

The Sexually Confident Wife - A Great Book
The Sexually Confident Wife - A Great Book
The Sexually Confident Wife - A Great Book   
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  • The Sexually Confident Wife
  • Helps you uncover your own sexual myths
  • Discover amazing sex with your husband
  • The Sexually Confident Wife is a great book that helps you discover the kind of sex you want to have. Get this book at, where we never email you after the sale or share your info.

    We weren't sure about this book from the title, but once we sat down with it, we were very impressed. The Sexually Confident Wife is a book that helps you truly have better, hotter sex with your husband. Over 40% of married women call their sex lives routine or non-existent. Only 8% of married women say they consistently have hot sex with their husbands.

    If good sex and good communication are important to you, read The Sexually Confident Wife. This book hits on topics like body image and why it's important to work on self-acceptance, and being kind to your body. It also helps you confront ghosts from your past that are holding you back, like sexual trauma and childhood ideas about sex. This is a great book that attacks being sexually confident from a psychotherapy, self-help angle. It features plenty of stories from real-life couples.

    The Sexually Confident Wife also includes discussions on sex toys, pornography, bisexuality, shaving, the g-spot and much more. Give it a try if you'd like to take more control of the sex in your marriage, and make it exciting from a true, authentic place.

    Paperback. 264 pages.

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