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Sex Fifth Avenue Oral Sex Gel

Sex Fifth Avenue - Peppermint
Sex Fifth Avenue - Peppermint
Sex Fifth Avenue - Peppermint    
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  • Sex Fifth Avenue
  • Enhances sensitivity
  • Tastes good
  • Sex Fifth Avenue tingles your tongue and your naughty bits. Purchase the Sex Fifth Avenue here at We ship discreetly and never share your personal information with anyone.

    Before deciding to sell this product, we considered quite a few sexual stimulation creams named after luxury department stores. Nordstroke. Bloomingdick's. Von Mouther. But in the end, we chose Sex Fifth Avenue. Why? Because it enhances sensitivity of all your most intimate areas while delighting the taste buds with a minty flavor similar to some toothpastes.

    This product claims to be the "Millionaire's Sex Formula," but it is available to you at the affordable price of less than ten dollars. We asked some millionaires if this was in fact their "sex formula." One of them told us his formula was seven gram rocks and tiger blood; another told us her formula was butter, butter, and more butter; and another just kept telling us we were fired. Maybe next time we'll ask someone other than Charlie Sheen, Paula Deen, and Donald Trump. But in the mean time, if you can accept the word of non-millionaires, we think this stuff feels great and tastes pretty good, and is the best sexual stimulant named after a luxury department store we've ever seen.

    Contains: Mineral Oil, Glyderol monostearate, and plyoxyethylene stearate, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, polysorbate 60, flavor, saccharine, and FDC color.

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