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The Cleancut ES412 Razor

The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!
The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!
The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!   The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!   The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!   The Cleancut ES412 Razor - Shaves Everywhere!   
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Free Gift With Your Order
  • An electric shaver
  • Designed to shave sensitive areas
  • Free gift (worth $12.95) with purchase

The Cleancut electric shaver is a great choice for maintaining a clean shave anywhere on your body. The Cleancut works especially well on facial and pubic hair. The unique design prevents nicks and cuts. Purchase this hot seller discreetly from

In 1999 we started to sell quite a few products for shaving your pubic area. I guess when you offer people the ability to ShopInPrivate they purchase very personal items. Especially popular lately has been products for shaving the genitals. Both women and men are purchasing products for this area.

In 2001 we were introduced to a Japanese shaver called the Cleancut. It is now called the S-Yard Cleancut Shaver. This dry shaver shaves your skin incredibly smooth. At a trade show I shaved 1/2 of may face with this product and left the other 1/2 with a fresh shave from my Mach 3. It was startling difference. The Cleancut side was much smoother and didn't have any of the shadow of the razor side.

Here is how to do it:

* First, use a shaving brush to brush powder onto your skin. For intimate areas we suggest a feminine powder like Summer's Eve.

* The powder is used to get your skin really dry. The shaving brush lifted the hair and made sure it was very dry.

* Next, use the cleancut shaver to shave with. It takes about a minute and it will be really, really smooth.

In 2002 something strange happened to this product. The supplier who had been happily sending us the S-Yard brand Cleancut razor decided to switch to a cheap Chinese imitation. He called it the Feather Touch shaver or the Private Shaver. We didn't like it. The quality was poor and our customers were returning them in droves. Eventually, we were able to find another source for the Original, Japanese Cleancut. We are happy to be offering the Japanese made Cleancut razor again.

We offer the razor with a free gift that will allow you to use the razor more effectively. We apologize that we can't tell you what it is, but we can say that it has a retail value of $12.95 and complements the S-Yard Cleancut very well.

Eliminate Vaginal Odor with This Powder
Replacement Blades for the Seiko Cleancut
The Seiko Cleancut vs. The Feather Touch Shaver - Our Opinion
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