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Vow to Perform Sexy Acts with Your Lover

Secret Vows - Activity Cards for Daring Lovers
Secret Vows - Activity Cards for Daring Lovers
Secret Vows - Activity Cards for Daring Lovers   
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  • Secret Vows
  • A sex game for lovers
  • Intimate and sexy
  • Secret Vows is a game that allows lovers to please each other and get closer. Get this romantic game at, where we bill and ship with discretion.

    Secret Vows is a great game to play with your lover if your sex life has gotten a little stale. If you're at that point where you want to have sex, but your husband or wife just isn't doing it for you, this is a great game to try. Many times you just need to get to know your lover in a different way, instead of having sex in the same old boring position, or engaging in the same boring foreplay.

    Secret Vows contains 72 scratch-off activity cards. It is very simple to play. Simply grab a card and scratch it to reveal your secret vow. Vows say things like, "I vow to grind my naked body against yours," and "I vow to kiss you from head to toe."

    Try performing each vow for a few minutes, really getting into it and your lover's response. You can leave a vow where your lover will discover it, like in their purse or briefcase, or hand them the card to let them know what you plan to do with them. You can take turns performing vows, or just let one vow jumpstart a sexy rendezvous.

    72 activity cards.

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