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Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator

Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator
Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator
Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator   Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator   Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator   Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator   
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  • Provides sucking and stroking action
  • Made to simulate oral sex
  • Multi-speed vibrations allow you to control the intensity of your orgasm
The Turbo Suck strokes and sucks your penis simultaneously. Embarrassed to buy this male masturbator at a store? Have ship this product to your door in discreet, unmarked packaging.

The Turbo Suck was invented by a time traveler who stopped by to help those of us stuck here in the pitiful 21st century where men still use hands and mouths for stimulation. In the future, the mechanical beejer is the preferred way to go, or come, if you will. One session with this amazing male masturbator and you’ll keep it for life! You’ll have to, since there are no returns on this very personal pleasure item. The Turbo Suck sucks and it strokes. It also slices tomatoes and makes julienne fries, though this violates the warranty since it does no such thing.

Worried about the danger of placing your tender willy into a device powered by four C batteries? You’ll be happy to learn that the Turbo Suck adheres strictly to Asimov’s First Law of Robotics: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.” Satisfied? You will be.

The Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator is easy to use. Simply insert your penis in the soft, textured chamber. Use the wired controller to choose the speed you like best. This men's sex toy doesn't vibrating—it sucks and strokes back and forth at whatever speed you like. The clear cylinder lets you see the action, while the body-safe TPR sleeve gives you a tight, textural sensation. Use lube to get the best, most intense sensations.

The Turbo Suck Men's Masturbator takes 4 C batteries. Use with any type of lubricant and wash with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. This masturbator is a bit loud, so if discretion is a concern, we recommend checking out the other men's sex toys we offer.

Duracell C Batteries - 4
Wet Original Lube - A Great Choice
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