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Jenna Jameson Body Hair Trimmer

Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer
Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer
Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer   Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer   Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer   Jenna Jameson's Pubic Trimmer   
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  • A pubic hair trimmer set
  • Includes templates to make different designs
  • A great price for a unique set

Jenna Jameson's pubic hair trimmer is a great way to trim your pubic hair into any style you want. The trimmer comes with stencils that guide you to create trendy new designs with every trim. Purchase this fun item discreetly at

Wow. In 1998 we started this business to sell items that are embarrassing to buy in public. This product definitely qualifies.

Here is what the box says: One of my secrets is now revealed... How I get those awesome bikini line designs. After much research, trial and error, I've created my own personal Hot Trimmer and I know that you will love it as much as I do. It's easy to use, compact for travel, comes with its own little pouch and includes 10 of my favorite designs. Best of all, it's totally portable. No plug is necessary. So...Why not create a little flair down there? Only you'll know, unless you decide to share.'s Analysis: Products for trimming your pubic hair are few and far between. We try to carry all that we can find and this product actually seems to be very nice. The price is good and the bikini trimmer kit is complete. Jenna's Pubic Hair Trimmer includes stencils for fun hair designs as well (reminiscent of hair crimpers from the 80s!). The only bizarre thing about this trimmer is the endorsement by a porn star. I suppose anyone who spends most of their time spread eagle in front of a camera knows more about shaving her pubic hair than the rest of us. Why not try her trimmer? At least she kept her clothes on for the box photo.

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