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A Vibrating Clitoral Pump and Vaginal Pump

A Vibrating Vaginal Pump
A Vibrating Vaginal Pump
A Vibrating Vaginal Pump   A Vibrating Vaginal Pump   A Vibrating Vaginal Pump   
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  • A Vibrating Vaginal Pump
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
  • Provides suction and vibration
  • For arousal and engorgement
  • The Vibrating Vaginal Pump provides you with pleasurable suction and vibration. Remember that when you order from, we adhere to the highest standards of discretion in order to fully protect your privacy.

    The Vibrating Clitoral and Vaginal Pump is a vibrating pump that fits over your clitoris and labia to provide strong sucking sensations and pleasurable vibrations. It also looks totally crazy. I mean, working with this thing is kind of like juggling: you've got a pump, a controller, and a vibrator to keep in place. You might need a hand from a trusty friend to fully enjoy the clitoral pump.

    Women like clitoral pumps because they engorge your labia with blood, causing more arousal and increased sensation. The Clitoral Pump features multi-speed vibrations and a soft, comfortable fit.

    The Vibrating Vaginal Pump comes with an easy-to-use suction pump and quick release valve, along with a multi-speed controller. Pump it up for suction; then disconnect the bulb when you reach the perfect pressure. Now use the controller for the perfect amount of vibration.

    4 AAA Duracell Batteries
    Organic Clitoral Stimulating Gel
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