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We carry all kinds of products at Our goal is to remove any embarrassment from your transaction so you can get your items quickly and privately.

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  • Private Shopping From Your Home or Office - Shop In Private offers a wide range of products that many people prefer to buy in private. Here are a few examples of items we carry:

    Sensual Products, designed to enhance and beautify your love life. This section includes books, gift tins, oil, balms, massagers, and candles.

    Birth Control, including films, gels, jellies and male and female condoms.

    Quit Smoking, items like the patch and gums that can help you quit.

    Feminine Needs, such as depilatories, treatments for yeast infection, feminine hygiene products, bachelorette party items, and more.

    Gastrointestinal Ailment Products, to cure whatever ails you. Includes Preparation-H, Ex-Lax, and Depends products.

    Hygiene and Dental Products, Nose hair Clippers, Breathasure, Tooth Whiteners and Denture products are included in this section.

    Products for Men, Including Rogaine, Just For Men Haircoloring, erectile aids, bachelor party items, and books.

    Diet Products, such as appetite suppressants and diet plans.

    Tests, including home HIV tests, pregnancy tests, and ovulation predictors.

    Information Pages, Sometimes asking certain questions can be embarrassing. We try to use this private environment to provide answers.

    We hope you will use our internet store to avoid uncomfortable situations. The next time running to the store doesn't sound like a pleasant experience, why not Shop In Private?

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