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Porn for Women Book

Porn for Women - A Funny Book
Porn for Women - A Funny Book
Porn for Women - A Funny Book   Porn for Women - A Funny Book   Porn for Women - A Funny Book   Porn for Women - A Funny Book   
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  • A great coffee table book
  • Filled with photos of studly yet sensitive guys
  • The perfect gift for a girlfriend

Porn for Women is a great book that's anything but cheesy. Porn for Women features wonderfully shot photographs by Susan Anderson. The photos depict men in dream-like scenarios that will fulfill all your real fantasies. Find this excellent book here at

Hi, there, married women. I know you remember the days when porn and erotica had distinct, sexy meanings. Back in those days of courtship and dating, erotica meant a book of naughty stories, maybe read with your man, snuggling in bed on a Sunday afternoon. Porn had a simple definition: it was people in a magazine or film, having all kinds of sexy sex.

These days, you're busy. You're juggling work, married life, kids, health, and household chores. You're wondering where the romance with your husband went, but you're basically too tired to care. His version of foreplay is taking a swig of Listerine and maybe plucking one stray hair from his nipple, if you're lucky.

Enter Porn for Women. If there were ever a book made to get you back in the mood, Porn for Women is it. Imagine a world where men beg to massage you, snuggle, clean the house, make dinner and make foreplay last for hours. Porn for Women depicts hot men in completely fictional scenarios, like bringing you flowers for no reason, or asking, "Is that the baby crying? I'll get her."

When you find that life is getting too hectic for sex and arousal, and regular ol' porn just doesn't hit the spot anymore, crawl into a steaming bath with a glass of wine and Porn for Women. If you're feeling really saucy, share it with your husband. Maybe he'll incorporate some of these tricks into his foreplay repertoire.

96 pages.

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