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Pink Diamond Exercise Ball with Two Attached Dildos

An Exercise Ball ... With Two Dildos
An Exercise Ball ... With Two Dildos
An Exercise Ball ... With Two Dildos    
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  • Pink Diamond Exercise Ball
  • An exercise ball with dildos
  • Full size
  • The Pink Diamond Exercise Ball has two dildos attached, for intense vaginal and anal bouncing. Get it at, where we ship in plain brown boxes to keep your order private.

    What's your exercise ball missing? I know mine is missing a few features that would make exercising more fun. First of all, it is missing a flask for ever-important hydration. It is also missing a special, donut-holding pouch for emergency nourishment. I think my exercise ball would also be much nicer if it had a TV attached to it, so I don't miss my favorite shows. Oh, and I can't forget an attached case of cigarettes. It actually gives your lungs a better workout if you smoke while exercising.

    You know, in all my days using an exercise ball, I never realized what would make it the best exercise ball ever: If it had two dildos attached. Nothing like an exercise ball that can give you a little DP action, amirite? This durable, bouncy exercise ball is an exercise ball like any other; only, it has handles, a large dildo, and a butt plug attached. Use the handles to pull the dildos into you as you bounce around the house.

    Everyone likes to bounce, and most everyone likes dildos. What a great combination. Get the Pink Diamond Dual Penetrating Exercise Ball from your weird friends at

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