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Rejoyn Electric Penis Pump

The Perfect Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers
The Perfect Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers
The Perfect Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers   
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  • Rejoyn Electric Penis Pump
  • Everything you need to help treat ED
  • For erectile dysfunction
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    An explanation: A large number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (a type of impotence). Trouble developing and sustaining an erection is quite common. One way that many people have found to help overcome these problems involves this product.

    Men that have trouble developing an erection have learned that penis pumps can be used to encourage blood flow to their penis, thus causing a stronger erection.

    Men that have trouble sustaining an erection, have learned that once sufficient blood flow has entered the penis they can use a erection ring to discourage blood flow out of the penis. Discouraging the blood from leaving their penis allows them to sustain their erection during lovemaking.

    Here are some features that distinguish the Rejoyn pump from lower price pump sets.

    The Rejoyn pump has an automatic safety valve that monitors vacuum and automatically releases when you have achieved full vacuum pressure. Only Rejoyn uses a push-pull vacuum technology that generates vacuum when you push AND pull the pump handle. within 4 to 5 strokes you can achieve a full erection. Rejoyn's desing makes it comfortable to pump, and is easier to operate than hand-squeeze pumps. Comfortable, Multi-sized contriction rings. The special elastomer constriction rings are clinically designed to effectively maintain an erection while being comfortable to wear. The Rejoyn system includes 4 multisized rings ensuring you a precise fit. Rejoyn includes a convenient loading cone to thransfer the constriction ring onto the vacuum cylinder. The Rejoyn pump has quality construction and is made of shatter restant lexan and ABS plastic. The Rejoyn pump includes a soft-side storage case that makes travel easy.

    This kit contains 1 vacuum therapy device, 1 loading cone, 4 multi-sized constriction rings, and 1 soft-side storage case.

    We hope that this product can allow you to sustain a happy and healthy sex life.

    NOTE: Due to the Nature of this producct, we cannot accept returns after the Manufacture's Seal is Broken.

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