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Sportsheets Penetration Station Straps

Penetration Station
Penetration Station
Penetration Station   
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  • Penetration Station
  • An under-bed strap system
  • Makes deep penetration and different positions easy
  • Try new positions with the Penetration Station. Get the Penetration Station system at, where we bill and ship with the utmost discretion.

    Do you ever wonder what to do with your hands while you're having sex? You put them up in the air but then you realize you look like you're in a 90s music video, raising the roof. You put them up by your chest but suddenly you look like a lusty Tyrannosaurus Rex. You put them behind your back and now you're dangerously close to living out an amputee fantasy. I mean, seriously, you've got this genital grinding thing down, but what to do with your HANDS?

    Here's a way to have sex that ensures you never have to actually touch your lover. The Penetration Station comes with 5 straps and 4 attachments that turn your bed into a complicated bondage playhouse. If you can figure out how to properly use the Penetration Station without tangling your lover in straps or sustaining gross injuries, you may be a certified architectural genius.

    The Penetration Station's box claims you can use it to get into postions you've only dreamt of. It enhances thrusting, depth and flexibility. She can put her legs or arms in it to control the angle of penetration, or rest her legs while still keeping them lifted for different postions. He can use it to get more momentum. You know, even though it is a little weird, the more we read about it, the Penetration Station makes sense for couples who want to try new positions.

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