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Orgasm Balls For Kegel Exercises and Pleasure

Orgasm Balls - Yes, Please!
Orgasm Balls - Yes, Please!
Orgasm Balls - Yes, Please!   
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  • Kegel Balls
  • Perfect for kegel exercises
  • Silicone and soft
  • The Weighted Orgasm Balls are inexpensive kegel balls that feel great and help tone your PC muscles. Get them at, where we never add you to any lists or share your info.

    With a name like Orgasm Balls, how can you refuse? We love the Weighted Orgasm Balls because they are a comfortable, pleasurable, effective way to tone your pelvic floor muscles—and they are inexpensive to boot! Plus, you know, they're called Orgasm Balls. Sounds promising.

    These high-quality orgasm balls are inserted into the vagina, where they will stay in place. You can use the balls to perform kegel exercises (instructions below), or just take a walk or pick up around the house: your vagina will become toned just by holding the balls in.

    The added bonus? The Weighted Orgasm Balls are made of soft, sexy, body-safe silicone, with some texture. They are weighted to shake and rub inside you. You'll feel pressure on your g-spot as you move. Adding a clitoral vibrator to the mix will give you amazing blended orgasms.

    To perform Kegel exercises: Try squeezing the balls with your vaginal muscles in one to three-second pulses, for a minute straight. Rest a minute and repeat the sequence again, three times. As you get stronger, lengthen the squeezes to five seconds.

    The Weighted Orgasm Balls are attached to a silky, easy-retrieval pull cord. Each ball is 1.4 inches in diameter. Use them with water-based lubricant.

    An Award-Winning Lube for Sensitive Skin
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