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Orange Juice Diet Packets

Orange Juice Slimming Diet
Orange Juice Slimming Diet
Orange Juice Slimming Diet   Orange Juice Slimming Diet   Orange Juice Slimming Diet   
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  • Orange Juice Slimming Diet
  • Detoxifies and promotes fat burning
  • 12 packets
  • The Orange Juice Slimming Diet is a juice that might help you lose weight. Get the Orange Juice Slimming Diet in complete privacy at

    There are a million different fad diets out there. There's the Cabbage Soup Diet, where you subsist on cabbage soup. There's the Chocolate Diet, where you eat chocolate, pasta and popcorn. There's the Hollywood Diet, where you drink a special concoction of juices each day to lose weight. Do any of these diets really work? Some of them do, as long as you follow them. But as soon as you deviate, the pounds come right back.

    The Orange Juice Slimming Diet is another fad diet in a long line of fad diets. The Orange Juice Diet box contains 12 packets of orange powder which claim to "add water-soluble pearl powder and multiple essential vitamins to the body, whiten the skin and slim at the same time, enhancing body resistance." Hmm. We're guessing that your skin gets whiter when you're on the Orange Juice Diet because you'll be so hungry you get pale. The Orange Juice Slimming Diet claims to help you detoxify and eliminate toxins, while reducing fat and strengthening immunity.

    Straight from the box: "Can supplement calcium, micronutrient, clearing away heat, detoxification, relieving convulsion, sedative, good from insider to outer, let the body in the balanced state of health, glowing and showing off glory of life." I mean, that's sounds pretty good to me.

    12 packets of juice mix.

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