Nose Hair Clipper Comparison Test and Advice

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Nose Hair Clipper Comparison Test and Advice

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  • A Comparison Test

    We compared a few different kinds of nose hair clippers, and found the best ones for you.
  • Nose Hair Clipper Comparison Test - World's First! - With Video.
    Here at we specialize in products that are embarrassing to purchase in person. One product that has been quite successful for us is nose hair clippers. These little personal trimmers seem to fly of the shelves.

    As a service to our customers we hope to offer all of the information you need to make an educated nose hair clipper purchase. We collected every type of nose hair clipper we could find for a comparison test. The test includes both manual and electric models from four different manufacturers.

    First, The losers

    Loser #1: The Groom Mate Manual Nose Hair Clipper:

    We are big fans of simplicity. At first, using a battery powered device to trim our nose hair seemed a little wasteful. The Groom Mate is a manual nose hair clipper. As the manufacturer states it is entirely Y2K compliant. Unfortunately the Groom Mate requires two hands to operate. One hand is needed to position the device while the other is necessary to rotate the cutting blades. Unfortunately when trimming your nose hairs you will probably find it necessary to use one hand to flair your nostril. This makes three hands. Most people only have two. You might consider asking your mate to lend a hand. You might not.

    Loser #2: The Andis Personal Trimmer:

    Before we turned on the Andis Personal Trimmer we liked it. It comes with a 5 year warranty and seemed well constructed. We had a feeling that rotary type nose hair clippers would work best. Indeed the Andis Personal Trimmer does work well for nose hairs and even hairs in and around your ears. Unfortunately the Andis Personal Trimmer requires that you hold the on switch in the on position at all times. This was uncomfortable. Although it is a good product we consider it a loser in this field of excellent nose hair clippers.

    Loser #3: An Ultra Premium Model:

    I am not a big fan of splurging on unnecessary items, but this time I did so in the name of science. I went to the mall and purchase the world's most expensive nose hair trimmer. It was $49.95. I am not kidding. Fifty bucks. I hesitate to tell you the name of the store that sells the fifty dollar nose trimmer, but I will say they have a very "Sharp Image".

    I brought the trimmer home and found that it performed much the way others do. It did have one unique feature. It had a light to light up your nostril. I didn't find this feature very useful. My medicine cabinet also has a light, quite a few of them actually and they do an acceptable job of lighting my nostril. For fifty dollars, I was unimpressed. I did enjoy a few extra minutes in the store's massager chair this time because I had actually bought something.

    Now, The Winners

    Winner #1: The Remington Wet/Dry Rotary Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:

    At first we wondered why a nose hair clipper needed to be wet/dry. Is this important if you have a cold? We found the wet/dry feature is nice when you need to clean out the trimmer. Rinsing the trimmers blades sends all of your former nose hairs happily down the drain. We like the Remington Trimmer because it worked well, was quiet and was easy to use. A well executed design.

    Winner #2: The Finger Nose Hair Trimmer:

    To many people, trimming their nose hairs is serious business, but not to me. I prefer to keep my personal grooming light-hearted. If I want to smile while I trim, I use this little number. It is a nose hair trimmer that is shaped like a giant finger, so when I trim, I can pretend I am picking my nose. Ha ha.

    Thank you for reading our comparison test from The World's Most Private Store. We hope that you found it both entertaining and informative.

    Welcome To's Nose Hair Clipper Comparison Test.

    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer
    Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer

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