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The World's Best Men's Underwear - Size Medium

The World's Greatest Men's Underwear - No Kidding!
The World's Greatest Men's Underwear - No Kidding!
The World's Greatest Men's Underwear - No Kidding!   The World's Greatest Men's Underwear - No Kidding!   
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  • The Most Comfortable Underwear Ever
  • Boxer Briefs
  • In four sizes
  • sells these men's underwear because they are the most comfortable ever. Get them at and we'll never email you after the sale or add you to any lists. doesn't normally sell underwear, we sell items that people are embarrassed to ask about. Since 1998 we have been solving embarrassing problems for people and letting them shop in private for what they need.

    Well, after stocking over 1,000 items we started to look for interesting solutions to different problems. Here is one. We tried to find the world's best underpants and then sell them. Why? Because uncomfortable underwear is a problem and no one seems able to help. I mean, could you go into Target and ask the person there which underpants are comfortable and which are not? No. They have no idea. This problem needed the treatment.

    What makes comfortable underwear?
  • Underwear should fit well, and this underwear is made of more panels than most, so that it will fit your form better. It is also 5% spandex so it stretches where you need it.
  • Underwear shouldn't make your balls sweaty and this underwear uses bamboo fabric that breathes. This bamboo fabric is not only ultra comfortable, but it is antibacterial as well, so it helps keep you healthy. Why would you need antibacterial underwear? Well, you'll be surprise how much less stinky your balls are at the end of the day after wearing these underpants.
  • Underwear should look good and this underwear does. It is a classic black boxer brief. This is the preferred style of underwear of most of the women we interviewed.
  • Underpants should make you look good and these really do. They have a special pouch in the front that displays your package in the finest way. I wouldn't call these a push-up bra for your balls and penis, but instead of shoving your boys between your legs, they lift them up where they are more comfortable.
  • Underpants should support your scrotum and penis so that you aren't sore after exercise or a day at the office. These boxer briefs do that as well. The pouch in the front helps keep your best friends well contained and healthy.

  • Are they worth twenty dollars a pair? I guess that depends on if you have twenty dollars to spare. If you do, give them a try. Personally, we think the appearance of them alone is worth the price, the other features make them an excellent value.

    The World's Most Comfortable Underwear come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. These are a Medium. Please scroll down to find your size and add to cart.

    Size Chart
    Small: 28-30
    Medium: 32-34
    Large: 36-38
    X-Large: 40-42

    95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry cool.

    World's Most Comfortable Men's Underwear - Small
    World's Most Comfortable Men's Underwear - Large
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