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Nuru Massage Gel

Give a Naked Massage with Nuru Massage Gel
Give a Naked Massage with Nuru Massage Gel
Give a Naked Massage with Nuru Massage Gel   
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    When we picked up Mr. Nori's Magic Nuru Massage Gel, we didn't even know what the heck a nuru massage was. Thank god for the internet. A nuru massage is apparently a massage in which both the masseuse and the customer are completely naked. The masseuse, generally an unbelievably attractive Japanese woman, uses her entire body to massage her customer, generally a hairy, fugly man. Most people call this "sex," but some people call it a "nuru massage."

    Nuru massage gel is different than classic massage oil. It's made with nori, which is Japanese seaweed. Thankfully, it doesn't smell like seaweed, because we all know seaweed doesn't smell that relaxing or sexy. Instead, it's fragrance-free, clear and taste-free.

    Mr. Nori's Magic Gel is gentle, water-based and non-staining. I had the fantastically sexy experience of pouring some on my left arm, and then rubbing my right arm against it, which is pretty much like hot arm sex. To be honest, I didn't see the hype. The glide wasn't too silky and it didn't last that long. The massage gel did soak into my skin without being sticky, though.

    We think the best reason to pick up some Magic Gel would be to convince a woman to rub your naked body with her naked body. I mean, that's how Nuru massages work, so that's what you guys are going to have to do.

    4.245 fl oz/ 123 mL e.

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