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Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser

Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser
Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser
Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser   Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser   Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser   
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  • Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser
  • For Kegels and g-spot stimulation
  • Flexible and customizable
  • The Magic Banana is a women's sex toy that was uniquely designed for Kegel exercises and g-spot massage. Have ship this unique sex toy directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.

    The Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser is a kegel exerciser and g-spot massager that gives you a new way to take control of your intimate health. Created by a yoga instructor and educator, the Magic Banana is a flexible loop that you squeeze together. Once it's in place, you can practice Kegels, using your muscles to grab on to the unique shape.

    You'll also find that the Magic Banana is an incredible tool for stimulating your g-spot. The g-spot is actually a small body that bulges out slightly from the vaginal wall. When stimulated, it grows in size and swells further. The Magic Banana is the perfect flexible tool for massaging the areas around your g-spot that other sex toys just can't reach. We like the Magic Banana because you can manipulate it to work with your body: it's a perfect fit for everyone.

    If you want to work on Kegels, g-spot orgasms, or female ejaculation, the Magic Banana is the perfect sex toy. It's made of a super-smooth body-safe materials; it's waterproof; it can be used for solo play or with a lover; it strenghtens pelvic floor muscles; and it helps enhance orgasm. Better still, the Magic Banana is discreet—it looks nothing like a dildo, and if someone found it in your bedside drawer, they'd have no idea what it was.

    The Magic Banana comes with a guide that shows you how to use it and gives you Kegel exercise recommendations. Kegel exercises can give you better orgasms, prevent stress incontinence, help you have better sex with a partner, and enhance muscle control.

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