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Lure for Him - Pheromone Cologne

Lure for Him - Pheromone Cologne
Lure for Him - Pheromone Cologne
Lure for Him - Pheromone Cologne   Lure for Him - Pheromone Cologne   
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  • Lure for Him Pheromone Attractant
  • A cologne that will make women attracted to you
  • Works through sexual signaling, not scent
  • Lure for Him Pheromone Attractant is a pheromone enhanced cologne. It contains pheromones that will draw women to you. Purchase Lure For Him cologne from, where we ship and bill with the utmost discretion.

    The other day I received a call from one of our sales representatives. Dawn is a sales rep for the largest distributor of adult products in the country.

    "I notice you have been selling a lot of the Beau Geste pheromone cologne," she said.

    "Yep, I tried it and like it," I said. I don't endorse many things personally but I brought some Beau Geste to a party and it was a big hit. All of the guys adjourned to the back deck and put on the cologne. We declare ourselves "Team Pheromone" and went back inside to WOW the ladies.

    "You need to sell the Lure product," said Dawn. "It is our number one seller. They say it is made from bulls' balls."

    Dawn didn't have to say anything else. I knew it would be a hit here at So, here it is. Lure Pheromone cologne for him (we have it for women as well).

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