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Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube
Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube
Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube   Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube   Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube   Lube Wrestling Ring - With Ring, Pump & Lube   
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  • Lube Wrestling Ring
  • Inflatable
  • Comes with foot pump & 64 ounces of lube
  • The Inflatable Lube Wrestling Ring is great for bachelor parties, frat parties, and most parties that involve horny men. Get it at, where we never email you after the sale.

    Lube wrestling. It's one of those ultimate fantasies, one of those things you heard happened in a club that spring break you went to Cancun—a club you weren't invited to. Lube wrestling is popular at bachelor parties, in strip clubs, and at those crazy night clubs where they throw soap parties. In fact, they probably throw the soap parties to clean up all the lube.

    The Inflatable Lube Wrestling Ring is your ticket to lube wrestling. This inflatable ring comes with 64 ounces of lube, and a foot pump for easy inflation. Throw the party of your dreams with this lube wrestling ring. Whether you're throwing a crazy frat party or an out of control bachelor party, the Lube Wrestling Ring will help make your party the most memorable ever.

    You can also throw a private lube wrestling party for a party of two (or three ... maybe if you have something as cool as a lube wrestling ring, you can drum up interest for a third party). Fight and make up, enjoying the lube all over your bodies. You might break your rib, but the sex will be worth it.

    For an awesome lube wrestling party, try inviting your (uh, mostly female and hot, obviously) friends and telling them to bring bathing suits and a few bucks. Have everyone toss money in the pot (more for those who refuse to wrestle), and start matching up partners for hilarious, ridiculous, sexy lube wrestling.

    With the Fetish Fantasy inflatable ring, you won't have to worry about a drop of lube getting your carpet or floors wet. The ring's 20 side walls prevent the lubricant from spilling, and the bottom floor of the ring features a cleaning valve tucked away in the corner to drain and clean the ring after the fun.

    Outer - 72 x 72" (183cm x 183cm)
    Inner - 55 x 55" (140cm x 140cm)
    Height - 22" (56cm) high

    Comes with foot pump and 64 fl. oz. of Moist Lube.

    Personal Lubricant In A Huge - One Gallon - Bottle
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