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Lip Shit Lip Balm

Lip Shit Lip Balm
Lip Shit Lip Balm
Lip Shit Lip Balm   Lip Shit Lip Balm   Lip Shit Lip Balm   
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  • Lip Shit Lip Balm
  • A natural, moisturizing lip balm
  • Made of shit, but not real shit
  • Lip Shit Lip Balm is good for dry, cracked lips and dirty mouths. Get this tasty lip balm at, where we never email or add you to any list.

    How could we not carry a product called Lip Shit? Saying "Lip Shit" is pretty damn satisfying: go ahead, try it. Lip Shit. "Hey, you got any Lip Shit?" It's lip balm that sounds like an insult: "Wow, that guy's a friggin' Lip Shit." No one will know what you're talking about until you unearth your little tin of tasty, nourishing Lip Shit.

    Lip Shit is good for lips and dirty mouths. Lip Shit is a beeswax based lip balm with a light, moisturizing texture and a delicious vanilla cardamom flavor. Lip Shit is great for men and women: the flat tin fits easily in your pocket or purse.

    23% beeswax. Made in the USA. Net Wt. 0.3 oz. (8.5 g)

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