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Libido XY Pills

Libido XY - Gives You A Stronger Penis
Libido XY - Gives You A Stronger Penis
Libido XY - Gives You A Stronger Penis   Libido XY - Gives You A Stronger Penis   
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  • Libido-XY
  • A male sexual enhancement pill
  • Claims to increase size, strength and girth
  • Libido-XY is a pill that's supposed to make your penis larger. Libido-XY ships discreetly from, where we never email or add you to any list.

    Want to enlarge your penis? Try Libido-XY, the male size, strength and girth complex. We think this means that your penis will not only grow in size when you take Libido-XY, but in strength! Imagine how you'll impress your special lady when you lift her bags using only your muscular dong. She'll probably pass out from lust.

    Does Libido XY work? Libido XY is a dietary supplement that contains saw palmetto, l-arginine, catuaba, damiana, bilberry, avena sativa, ginkgo bilboa, peruvian maca and tribulus terrestris. Some of these herbs are known for increasing blood flow, so it's possible that you could experience increased blood flow to your penis when you take Libido XY, resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections.

    60 capsules per bottle. 3 capsules per serving.

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