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Incontinence isn't inevitable: Contrary to what the ads on TV are telling you, incontinence is not an unavoidable fact of aging. Many cases of incontinence are symptoms of other problems and are quite curable. The most common cause of curable incontinence is the weakening of the muscles in and around the pelvis. Some products, like Femtones Vaginal Weights, are designed to help strengthen those muscles. Other times changes in medications can make a difference. If you haven't spoken to your doctor about any incontinence you may be experiencing, now is a great time.

Unfortunately, not every case of incontinence is curable. Some cases are the result of surgery, medication, loss of reflexes, reduction of neurological function, or the irreversible weakening of muscle tissue. In these cases we hope you will choose to Shop In Private for your most private items, like adult diapers, disposable underwear and panty liners.